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I am a NYC born and raised creator of fashion. I have worked in the garment district for retailers and manufacturers for 20+ years.  It’s a fast paced and ever changing world but when I look at you and me, the everyday woman, I see that all we want is to feel special and comfortable all at the same time. To put things together in our own unique way and to exude confidence as a result. So I have taken the plunge and put all my years experience to develop a collection that fits the bill of simple elegance. As they say it’s not the clothes that make a woman, but the woman that makes the clothes.  Most importantly, my faith has shown me that a word of encouragement or wisdom can always inspire a smile, so look for the verse sewn within each garment to arm you with a treasure and daily reminder.

Do not be afraid. Just believe. Mk 5:36

Our cause is just - We want to empower women and spread the word of God - One garment at a time.  Part of proceeds are donated to keeping local churches open and positively impacting our community. 

The history behind communicating our faith through garments started far before I thought of the idea.  It can be dated back thousands of years and traced all over the world.  Whether you reference Exodus 28 (NIV) "Make a plate of pure gold and engrave on it in a seal: Holy to the Lord". Look to a more present day China where they sew scriptures into the lining of clothing to smuggle them in. The word of God always finds a way to be heard.  I hope to accomplish the same goal, spread the word of God in a unique way and open the eyes of others to His greatness


lamb & dove
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